Info for Patients

Your First Visit

Upon arriving at the Wireworks, you will meet with our treatment coordinator who will give you a brief look into the world of orthodontics. The consultation will take approximately 50 minutes and will consist of a thorough examination and discussion of Dr. Boehlau’s treatment recommendations and fees.

At your first visit we will primarily assess if orthodontic treatment is required for you and address the length of your treatment and frequency of visits required. If treatment will be required in the future, we will schedule a follow up visit in 6 to 12 months, at which time we will meet again for a complimentary reassessment that will indicate if you are ready to proceed.

If treatment is recommended currently, our team will proceed to take diagnostic records for you consisting of photos, xrays and impressions that will assist Dr. Boehlau in developing a definitive treatment plan for you.

If it is decided that you would not benefit from orthodontic treatment, no future visits will be scheduled. Dr. Boehlau will only commence treatment for patients who are in need of it.

Our Policies

Appointment Policies

We confirm all appointments by email one to three days prior to when you are scheduled to come in to see us. A minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations would be appreciated to maintain an efficient schedule and allow us ample time to offer another patient the time that was reserved for you.

Emergency visits will be scheduled during the business hours of 9-3, leaving early and late appointments available for regularly scheduled adjustment visits that our patients share.


What will my treatment cost? Every patient’s treatment is different, as each individual is different. Our fees are based upon the complexity of your case and the length of your treatment. At The Wireworks, we are pleased to offer our patients flexible payment plans, making orthodontic treatment affordable and feasible for all.

Patient Compliance

Upon commencing your orthodontic treatment with the Wireworks you will be entering a partnership with our orthodontic team. By committing to treatment, you are agreeing to maintain and care for your orthodontic appliances as well as to cooperate and comply with our team’s treatment directions.

It is only with your partnership that we can achieve an ideal final result.

Diagnostic Records

We will need to make a treatment plan for you and will require thorough and accurate diagnostic records. This appointment will be approximately 30 minutes in duration.

The components of the records appointment are:


A “head x-ray” used to measure the size of the patient’s jaws and the position of their teeth.


This x-ray is used to determine the presence of all a patient’s teeth, the health of their roots and in addition the health of the jaw bone. The Panorex also gives us a view of the wisdom teeth, whether they are visible in the mouth or not.


Our assistant will take several photos of you.

Study Models

Our clinical assistant will also take impressions of your teeth, which will be turned into accurate 3 dimensional replicas of your teeth. We will utilize these models in conjunction with the x-rays and photos to formulate a definitive treatment plan for you.

We will schedule a follow up complimentary case presentation appointment at which time you will meet with our treatment coordinator who will discuss the orthodontic findings.

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