Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Appliances to influence jaw bone positions
There are a variety of available appliances to change the spatial position of your jaw bones, which is frequently important to obtain the correct bite.

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)
A fixed appliance used to expand the upper palate. This appliance works best on children and adolescents.

Temporary Anchorage Device Implants (TADs)
This technology provides significant mechanical advantages for complex tooth movements. For instance, closing large spaces where there are missing teeth. Frequently we can use wisdom teeth as replacements for other teeth that may not be present. Using TADs can also substitute other appliances, such as Headgear wear. At our office we place the implants, making it easier, less costly and more convenient for our patients.  This is usually a very simple, quick procedure, as we have over a decade of experience with this treatment modality.

A bone anchored appliance using TAD anchors to allow upper jaw expansion in more mature patients. This can often times help us avoid some adjunctive jaw surgery, which can keep treatment costs down.

Holding Arch appliances in a mixed dentition
These appliances help to maintain or create space for future adult teeth, in case a primary tooth is lost too early.

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